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Professional Development Training

Discover essential programs: Mental Health First Aid, Stress Mastery, Diversity & Inclusion, and DV Survivor Facilitation. Gain skills for mental health, stress, DEI, and empowering DV survivors.

Mental Health First Aid Certification

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) teaches participants how to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental health and substance use challenges among adults. You’ll build the skills and confidence you need to provide initial support and help connect them to appropriate resources.

Stress Mastery for Peak Performance

This workshop equips participants to understand types of stress, physiological responses to stress, how to manage stress, identify unhealthy coping skills, and implement healthy ones to maintain optimal mental health and work performance.

Diversity Equity
& Inclusion (DEI)

This training defines DEL, discusses the importance of DEI in workplaces, and best practices for DEI initiatives, explores the value it adds to the company culture and how it improves the bottom line.

Domestic Violence (DV) Survivor Facilitator Certification

This certification training prepares program managers, caseworkers, and facilitators to work with DV survivors. The comprehensive training discusses myths surrounding DV, types of abusive behavior, empowering victims to become survivors, and more.